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    I've kind of lost track of all the years I've said I was going to actually get this thing going, but I mean it THIS time!! I really want to make it a priority in my life. I remember when we decided to start this blog and were thinking of names while having drinks with friends. Honestly, that was like 5 years ago! THAT IS TOO LONG! I did all the things to start it up - came up with a name, designed a website, brain stormed content ideas and then I just forgot about it all. We really had intentions of doing this just as a way to document our life together. Well time flew and things changed! We moved to Houston, had a few jobs, did some cool things, got married and basically forgot to document it all! 

    With all that being said, as we approach our 1 year anniversary (where has the time gone!!) we want to really begin documenting all the fun things we do! I don't want to forget them as we get older. I want our future kids to look back on our lives and see how cool we once were! I will probably need the proof!! So we are going to get this party started, FOR REAL THIS TIME!

    CHEERS - sum