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  • WELCOME 2017

    We have decided to open 2017 with open arms, which means setting a new set of goals that we will most likely set aside and accidentally forget about...because life. Well I truly believe I will make it through these goals this year. I giving myself 3 goals. I mean its only 3 things, it shouldn't be that hard. Right? 


    --Traveling more seems really simple, but its actually been something we always say we are going to do but it just never works out in the end. Having opposite schedules  really puts a damper on this for us. BUT this year we have decided to not let it get in our way. So this year we will travel more and travel near and far. I have never been out of the country really (I don't think Mexico counts too much here in Texas). Our goal is to take a big trip to Italy in a few months. 

    2. READ MORE

    --This past May I decided to rekindle my love for reading and set out to read 15 books by the end of the year. I was so proud of myself when I exceeded my goal and read 18 books! So this year I want to read even more and separate  myself even more from TV. I have set the goal of 25 books because I learned how difficult it was to read while I was attending school. I think I will read more but I wanted to set a realistic goal.


    --This blog was designed with the aspiration to share the love of parties and cocktails with our friends. We have really lacked on that recently because we have seriously lacked on free time. But enough is enough and we are going to sip on delicious drinks and have the best food with our friends. 

    We will revisit this list at the end of the year, but I think these goals are pretty attainable. So hold us to this list and lets have a great 2017!!

    CHEERS - sum