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    It has been quiet here on the blog, but the month of August was full of changes -- WE MOVED TO HOUSTON! Now that we are settling in our apartment and not living in a sea of boxes I hope we can get things started here. We have so many ideas in store for this blog and we can't wait to share them with you guys! 

    Here are a few updates on things around here:

    Al has been working at a Restaurant/Bar called Brooklyn Athletic Club. He really loves his job and has been doing great things for the restaurant and is being promoted to bar manager!! (HOW COOL IS THAT!!!) Their food is so good, so whenever any of you come visit us you MUST try it!

    I started school last week, and things have been going pretty good so far. I am really excited I get to take art classes again. I also just started working at a Cajun restaurant called BB's Cafe. The shrimp and grits are to die for!! The best part is that it is right around the corner from our house so I can walk!!

    We are still trying to make our apartment our home, but it really is coming together! We LOVE the location!!! I think Piper enjoys being able to go on walks and looking at all the pretty houses. The Heights really have a lot to offer and we are excited to explore the area more. So many yummy places to eat and drink! Here is a little sneak peek of our place:

    I can't wait to start sharing things with you guys! I have a journal full of ideas and things in the works. Thank you all for being so patient with us as our lives have been so hectic with this move. 

    CHEERS -- sum