Hey y'all! We are Summer and Alphonso Quinones. We are located in Houston with our sweet puppy, Piper, and our kitten, Maple. With this blog we hope to share with you our love for a good party. Al is a Bartender at Captain Foxhearts Bad News Bar & Spirit Lodge and a Brand Supporter for House Spirits, and spends his free time thinking of new and creative takes on food and drinks to share with our friends and family, while Summer is attending school and loves any reason to get the apartment ready for a party. We love to turn any regular day into a day filled with memories. Our hope for this blog is to share our ideas with you and inspire you to put a spin on every day life. 

"There can't be good living where there is not good drinking". - Benjamin Franklin

photo by StephRenea

Shoot us an email at cheers2thatblog@gmail.com