I've kind of lost track of all the years I've said I was going to actually get this thing going, but I mean it THIS time!! I really want to make it a priority in my life. I remember when we decided to start this blog and were thinking of names while having drinks with friends. Honestly, that was like 5 years ago! THAT IS TOO LONG! I did all the things to start it up - came up with a name, designed a website, brain stormed content ideas and then I just forgot about it all. We really had intentions of doing this just as a way to document our life together. Well time flew and things changed! We moved to Houston, had a few jobs, did some cool things, got married and basically forgot to document it all! 

    With all that being said, as we approach our 1 year anniversary (where has the time gone!!) we want to really begin documenting all the fun things we do! I don't want to forget them as we get older. I want our future kids to look back on our lives and see how cool we once were! I will probably need the proof!! So we are going to get this party started, FOR REAL THIS TIME!

    CHEERS - sum

  • WELCOME 2017

    We have decided to open 2017 with open arms, which means setting a new set of goals that we will most likely set aside and accidentally forget about...because life. Well I truly believe I will make it through these goals this year. I giving myself 3 goals. I mean its only 3 things, it shouldn't be that hard. Right? 


    --Traveling more seems really simple, but its actually been something we always say we are going to do but it just never works out in the end. Having opposite schedules  really puts a damper on this for us. BUT this year we have decided to not let it get in our way. So this year we will travel more and travel near and far. I have never been out of the country really (I don't think Mexico counts too much here in Texas). Our goal is to take a big trip to Italy in a few months. 

    2. READ MORE

    --This past May I decided to rekindle my love for reading and set out to read 15 books by the end of the year. I was so proud of myself when I exceeded my goal and read 18 books! So this year I want to read even more and separate  myself even more from TV. I have set the goal of 25 books because I learned how difficult it was to read while I was attending school. I think I will read more but I wanted to set a realistic goal.


    --This blog was designed with the aspiration to share the love of parties and cocktails with our friends. We have really lacked on that recently because we have seriously lacked on free time. But enough is enough and we are going to sip on delicious drinks and have the best food with our friends. 

    We will revisit this list at the end of the year, but I think these goals are pretty attainable. So hold us to this list and lets have a great 2017!!

    CHEERS - sum



    SOOOOOO Way behind on this, but its something I love to look back at. I also totally forgot to post this for over a year now. I was asked to do flowers for one of my best friends wedding and still in shock with the outcome. They really couldn't have been more perfect for them. Their wedding was the perfect day for them. Full of close friends and family topped off with all the karoke one could ask for. All the best friends together and singing (with cocktails in hand, of course). There are so many amazing photos from this night but I really wanted to show off the beautiful bride and groom and the flowers!

    CHEERS - sum


    The nasty hot heat of Houston summer is approaching and we are trying something new over here at Cheers 2 That. We want to actually get into the routine of posting here instead of writing ideas down in a book, so we thought it would be fun to create little videos of drink recipies to give the words more then just a picture or two.


    1 1/2 oz London dry gin (really your preference, but here I used Plymouth gin)

    1/2 oz Falernum

    1/2 oz St. Germain

    3/4 oz FRESH squeezed lime juice (fresh is key!!!)

    4 healthy sprigs of thyme (you only need the leaves for this, the stems can lend a bitter flavor!)

    1 can/bottle of your favorite summer ale (around here Summer and I enjoy the Brooklyn Summer Ale)


    First start by filling your shaker with the gin, falernum, St. Germain, lime juice, and the thyme leaves. Next fill up the shaker with ice (you are going to need to a good amount since we are using the ice to break up the thyme.) Then seal up your shaker and shake vigorously for 8 to 10 seconds. Grab your best looking Collins glass and fill it up with ice. Now open up your shaker grab a hawthorn strainer and a fine strainer (you can find these at a big supermarket, might be called a tea strainer as well). Strain through both into the Collins glass. Grab you beer and top the drink off. Garnish with whatever you like, I tend to garnish with what's in the drink so people can get an idea. Add a straw and drink it up!

    The Summer Thyme Cooler is meant to be light, refreshing, and clean. This drink is just a template,  so make it your own! If you don't like gin, use vodka! If you want some berries in it, throw them into the shaker! It's all about having fun and quenching some thirst!

    CHEERS & BEERS - alphonso



    It has been quiet here on the blog, but the month of August was full of changes -- WE MOVED TO HOUSTON! Now that we are settling in our apartment and not living in a sea of boxes I hope we can get things started here. We have so many ideas in store for this blog and we can't wait to share them with you guys! 

    Here are a few updates on things around here:

    Al has been working at a Restaurant/Bar called Brooklyn Athletic Club. He really loves his job and has been doing great things for the restaurant and is being promoted to bar manager!! (HOW COOL IS THAT!!!) Their food is so good, so whenever any of you come visit us you MUST try it!

    I started school last week, and things have been going pretty good so far. I am really excited I get to take art classes again. I also just started working at a Cajun restaurant called BB's Cafe. The shrimp and grits are to die for!! The best part is that it is right around the corner from our house so I can walk!!

    We are still trying to make our apartment our home, but it really is coming together! We LOVE the location!!! I think Piper enjoys being able to go on walks and looking at all the pretty houses. The Heights really have a lot to offer and we are excited to explore the area more. So many yummy places to eat and drink! Here is a little sneak peek of our place:

    I can't wait to start sharing things with you guys! I have a journal full of ideas and things in the works. Thank you all for being so patient with us as our lives have been so hectic with this move. 

    CHEERS -- sum